Anti cloning essays

Lastly, we live in a society where respecting the rights of others has been the foundation of many of our laws and social practices. Over the course of the history of the United States the inclusion of more groups to the list of those accorded full rights have grown from a small number to practically an entire nation. Transsexuals, being a rather small minority, are still being denied rights and dignity. The limitations you believe to be just and correct would be considered horrific if applied to the circumstances of members of other groups.

bullet Adult DNA cloning (. cell nuclear replacement): This involves removing the DNA from an embryo and replacing it with the DNA from a cell removed from an individual. Then, the embryo would be implanted in a woman’s womb and be allowed to develop in to a new human whose DNA is identical to that of the original individual. This method has been used to clone a sheep. The initial steps of the procedure were tried using human DNA in 1998-DEC. Adult DNA cloning cannot ethically be used to produce a human clone, because experiments on animals have sometimes produced defective specimens.
bullet Therapeutic cloning: (. Somatic cell nuclear transfer or research cloning): This starts with the same procedure as is used in adult DNA cloning. The resultant embryo would be allowed to grow for perhaps 14 days. It’s stem cells would then be extracted and encouraged to grow into a piece of human tissue or a complete human organ for transplant. The end result would not be a human being; it would be a replacement organ, or piece of nerve tissue, or quantity of skin. The first successful therapeutic cloning was accomplished in 2001-NOV by Advanced Ce
ll Technology, a biotech company in Worcester, MA.

Anti cloning essays

anti cloning essays


anti cloning essaysanti cloning essaysanti cloning essaysanti cloning essays