As design and technology coursework

This is not to say that production never involves problem-solving or creativity, nor that design always involves creativity. Designs are rarely perfect and are sometimes repetitive. The imperfection of a design may task a production position (. production artist , construction worker ) with utilizing creativity or problem-solving skills to compensate for what was overlooked in the design process. Likewise, a design may be a simple repetition (copy) of a known preexisting solution, requiring minimal, if any, creativity or problem-solving skills from the designer.

All costs for direct engagement in taught modules are included as part of the tuition fees – this includes materials used in the workshops and safety equipment. From time to time students will need to cover the costs of project work and the creation of design folios. This amount will depend on what materials, manufacturing techniques and other creative choices the student makes. An allowance for costs incurred for individual projects is allocated for year 2 and final year. In the final year the school contributes £100 to the cost of creating the final year project. The final mark awarded for all assessed submissions bears no relation to the amount of money spent on the work. Students will not gain any marking advantage merely through the costly development of work.

As design and technology coursework

as design and technology coursework


as design and technology courseworkas design and technology courseworkas design and technology courseworkas design and technology coursework