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Per the Wall Street Journal , Trump is expected to “issue guidance” to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis which will be somewhat clearer than his original three-part tweetstorm in July, which proclaimed trans people will no longer be allowed “to serve in any capacity” in the armed forces. There was no shortage of confusion over the tweets, which contained no actual information on how the president intended the Pentagon to carry the policy out, but did contain plenty of nonsensical rambling about “decisive and overwhelming victory.”

The experimental video for "Loser" was directed by Beck's friend Steve Hanft . Hanft had worked for a week on storyboards for the video, then called a meeting with Beck's label, Bong Load Records, and requested a $300 shooting budget so he could shoot on film instead of video. The unprocessed 16 mm film was frozen for 6 months until Beck signed with Geffen Records. Geffen gave Hanft $14,000 to process, edit, and master the video, making the budget total $14,300. Filming for the video was done all across California, including in Rothrock's Humboldt County studio and backyard and at the Santa Monica graveyard. [10] The video is a mashup of various 16 mm film clips using avant-garde filmmaking techniques and psychedelic color experiments. Beck insisted they were "fucking around" when they made the video; he told Option in 1994, "We weren't making anything slick – it was deliberately crude. You know? It wasn't like one of these perfect new-wave color soft-focus extravaganzas." [35] Hanft, inspired by . American avant-garde filmmakers, Stan Brakhage , Maya Deren , and 1920s surrealist films , included stop-motion animation footage of a moving coffin in the video. Two coffins were used, one which was a prop borrowed from a local drama school and the other which had been built by Beck and Hanft. [10] Clips and sounds sampled from Hanft's Cal Arts, MFA thesis film, "Kill the Moonlight", about a loser stock car racer, are also included in the video and song. The moment where Beck is wearing a Star Wars mask is often censored for copyright reasons. The work's only clip shot on video rather than film is the one depicting famous mountain dancer Jesco White wearing a white satin shirt and dancing on a picnic table. The clip was shot by director Julian Nitzberg and was added to the final cut on the last day of editing.

Baby thesis format sample

baby thesis format sample


baby thesis format samplebaby thesis format samplebaby thesis format samplebaby thesis format sample