Bucknell supplement essay 2013

The value of extensive literary analysis has been questioned by several prominent artists. Vladimir Nabokov once wrote that good readers do not read books, and particularly those which are considered to be literary masterpieces, "for the academic purpose of indulging in generalizations". [6] At a 1986 Copenhagen conference of James Joyce scholars, Stephen J. Joyce (the modernist writer's grandson) said, "If my grandfather was here, he would have died laughing ... Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man can be picked up, read, and enjoyed by virtually anybody without scholarly guides, theories, and intricate explanations, as can Ulysses , if you forget about all the hue and cry." He later questioned whether anything has been added to the legacy of Joyce's art by the 261 books of literary criticism stored in the Library of Congress . [7]

Amazing!! The college admissions is no longer about finding the right education but about gamesmanship, betting the odds (early v. regular decision), finding the angles (hooks), reading the racing forms (college ratings). For the right fee one can even hire their very own ‘Jimmy the Greeek” college counselor that will have the “inside scoop” on how to get in. Just like horse-racing, the college admissions sports its own “trainers” who for a fee will get the student into current form by making sure he or she has all the right stuff, extra-currics, volunteer work, SAT scores, interview skills, essay writing, you name it. And then there’s your child and mine who has lived a life at home for 17 or so years and if it weren’t for Mom and Dad wouldn’t know the difference between Harvard and a baked potato. Fueled by this college craze, parents forget that their mission in life shoudn’t be to get their kids into an “Ivy” but to help them find their own best inner music. For some that may be Harvard or Yale or some other prestigious institution. But for many, if given a fair chance, a kid will fall in love with a college that speaks to him or her not because of its prestige but for reasons that we parents may fail to comprehend or may not even agree with. For those kids, ED makes perfect sense not to game the system but simply to go to the college they love. Is there something wrong with that?

Bucknell supplement essay 2013

bucknell supplement essay 2013


bucknell supplement essay 2013bucknell supplement essay 2013bucknell supplement essay 2013bucknell supplement essay 2013