Cause of childhood obesity essay

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer Awareness.  In September 2016, towns across the South Shore came together to GO WICKED GOLD  to drive awareness and raise research funding for childhood cancer, a disease that is on the rise yet is grossly underfunded.  Please join us this year as we come together and GO WICKED GOLD  once again to drive awareness, raise research funding and show our solidarity for the many families in our community who have been impacted by pediatric cancer.

Long-term follow-up analysis of a cohort of survivors of childhood cancer treated between 1970 and 1986 has shown that cancer survivors remain at risk of complications and premature death as they age, with more than half of survivors having experienced a severe or disabling complication or even death by the time they reach age 50 years ( 21 ). Children treated in more recent decades may have lower risks of late complication or mortality due to modifications in treatment regimens to reduce exposures to radiotherapy and chemotherapy , increased efforts to detect late effects as early as possible, and improvements in medical care for late effects of therapy ( 22 ).

Cause of childhood obesity essay

cause of childhood obesity essay


cause of childhood obesity essaycause of childhood obesity essaycause of childhood obesity essaycause of childhood obesity essay