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All families receiving free or reduced lunch must reapply each year. Those families who have not applied this year will no longer receive Free or Reduced meals after September 25th. Hyde Park students benefit in 2 ways from the free or reduced lunch program. First and foremost, it is very difficult for hungry students to focus on their school work; well-nourished students are more productive. In addition, our school's Title 1 funds are determined by our percentage of students that receive free or reduced lunches based on applications. That funding is used to buy technology, provide after school tutoring, and lower class sizes, among other benefits for our students. Applications may be completed online at , or paper applications are available in the school office. If you have any questions, please contact the school at (702)799-4260.

How to sketch ideas

BBC bitesizes tips on how to sketch and enhance your drawings.

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Learn how to design in Adobe photoshop

Complete a tutorial and get photoshoping today!

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Coursework materials

coursework materials


coursework materialscoursework materialscoursework materialscoursework materials