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Wallace’s choice of texts is of interest as well—surprising for a writer most detractors call “pretentious.” For his class, Wallace prescribed airport-bookstore standards—what he calls “popular or commercial fiction”—such as Jackie Collins’ Rock Star , Stephen King’s Carrie , Thomas Harris’s The Silence of the Lambs , and James Elroy’s The Big Nowhere . The UT Austin site also has scans of some well-worn paperback teacher’s copies, with the red-ink marginal notes, discussion questions, and underlines one finds behind every podium. In the image above, Wallace has underlined a line of dialogue in Carrie , annotating it with the word "victim" in all-caps. Of the books Wallace requires, he writes in a section of the syllabus above called “Warning”:

David sedaris airport essay

david sedaris airport essay


david sedaris airport essaydavid sedaris airport essaydavid sedaris airport essaydavid sedaris airport essay