Define sambo thesis

Asiwaju Sir, you may be wondering what I’m talking about? It is the issue of legacy. According to Peter Strople, ‘Legacy is not leaving something for people, it is leaving something in people’. Legacy is building something that outlives you. Legacy is greater than currency. In the words of Leonard Sweet, ‘ What you do is your history. What you set in motion is your legacy’. You can’t live forever, Sir. No one can. But you can create something that will. Enough of speaking in parables- I shall now speak plainly.
When destiny brought you on the scene, we were enamoured because you championed the case for true federalism. It was your belief then that the Yoruba nation will fare better under a restructured arrangement than under the type of unitary government we run while pretending by calling it a federal government. Everyone knows that there is nothing federal about our government at all. If truth must be told, the Yoruba nation has fared very badly since the advent of our new democracy. And this is not about holding power at the centre.

If someone goes on to say that no tech company should hire a woman, even if that woman has graduated college in a technical field and perhaps even holds a Master’s or ., and thus shown it highly likely that they are a member of the 20 percent of “superior” women, then the ugly agenda is obvious, isn’t it? (When you consider that that such a person is telling us that Babbage shouldn’t have collaborated with Ada Lovelace, that the Navy shouldn’t have let Grace Hopper use their computers, or maybe NASA shouldn’t have hired Margaret Hamilton… the poor quality of their thinking becomes really obvious, doesn’t it?)

Define sambo thesis

define sambo thesis


define sambo thesisdefine sambo thesis