Dissertation program

Dissertation Scholars are expected to provide the following deliverables: periodic update reports, an executive summary of the research findings, a copy of the dissertation, and documentation of the expenses incurred. All Scholars are expected to participate in the SRF Dissertation Scholars Workshop at the 2018 SMS Annual Conference and the SRF Scholars Session at the 2019 SMS Annual Conference. Scholars participating in these activities will receive Annual Conference registration fee waivers and may be reimbursed for up to USD 2,000 (total) for travel to the 2018 and 2019 SMS Annual Conferences if that travel is included in their grant proposal budgets.

Participants in the summer dissertation workshop will have travel and dormitory housing provided.  A flat rate per diem subsidy, set at $50 per day, will also be provided to defray other costs. On-site participants will share office space and have modest administrative support during the course of the program. Participants in the dissertation workshops will be required to commit to work intensively and exclusively on the writing of their dissertations. They are also required to be in full-time residence without the interruption of family or friends. 

Dissertation program

dissertation program


dissertation programdissertation programdissertation programdissertation program