Effective reflection essay

The Effective Governance approach – developed and refined from over 20 years’ experience – allows a Board to evaluate its performance quickly and easily. However it is rigorous enough to identify areas for improvement and ensure maximum benefits is achieved, Importantly, by providing directors time for self-reflection, it is the most effective means for identifying areas for improving performance. Leading practice indicated that a Board review should involve both the Board as a whole and a review of individual directors’ contributions, through an externally facilitated process of self and peer evaluation.

I found this a very insightful and informative article. In today’s fast paced environment it can be very hard to make time to be “calm” and “self-reflective”. I find that when I ride my bike over quite long distances I will often self-evaluate . I find it challenging and rewarding to assess my thoughts, feelings and actions, often asking myself at a deeper level why it is I say and do the things I do. By having this insight I feel that I work every day to become a better human being. It can be a challenge at times and I am sure it is a life long journey of self-discovery, however self-reflection helps one to develop a more in-depth understanding of themselves and their fellow human beings.

Effective reflection essay

effective reflection essay


effective reflection essayeffective reflection essayeffective reflection essayeffective reflection essay