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At times you will find yourself with so many essay writing assignments that you get overwhelmed and you cannot offer every paper the quality time that it deserves. It is at such times that you may require to seek help but it has to be from very reliable people. Do not at any cost entrust your entire academic future in the hands of people who do not mind your well being. Ensure that the people you select to help you with your essay writing are people that have a trustworthy track record and people who have a well structured method of handling your coursework.

Smoking is a habit, usually easy to pick up but extremely difficult to let go. Several youths in their prime find smoking a “cool” indulgence and in most cases do not draw any direct pleasure from it. With time though, they become addicted to the nicotine and in the process grow as older smoking. With it come the health risks such as cancer, lung disease, stroke, heart attack, gum disease among others. Other undesirable outcomes have long been associated with smoking.  In retrospect, it is of vital importance that individuals should quit smoking. It begins by the individual admitting that the practice is dangerous, health-wise and therefore must quit. The next step is draw a plan on when and how to stop smoking. The individual should develop activities that would replace time spent during smoking. Either, a change of character will be paramount for the individual to do away with things that remind them of the smoky past. Finally, quitters who need additional pharmaceutical therapy may seek such therapy with the assistance of qualified physicians.

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Essay ideal sample school

essay ideal sample school


essay ideal sample schoolessay ideal sample schoolessay ideal sample schoolessay ideal sample school