Essay on color symbolism in the great gatsby

3 days

  • A copy of the play A Doll’s House for reference
  • A clock and a map
  • Poster board, glue, approx. 25-35 magazines and scissors
Technology resources
  • Computer Lab access
  • Internet Connection
  • Encyclopedias (optional)
  • Teacher and students should have already read the play A Doll’s House by Henrick Ibsen and students’ comprehension should have already been assessed before beginning this lesson.
  • Teacher should review the definitions of the literary terms “symbol” and “setting” preferably by using illustrations (ex: Symbol- draw a stoplight and discuss what each color represents. Setting- use a clock to represent when and use a map to represent where).
  • In an additional reinforcement of the definition of symbol, students can be placed in even numbered groups. Give students 2 or 3 magazines and a few pairs of scissors, and instruct them to find and cut out symbols. With poster board and glue, have the students create a collage using the pictures they cut out. Instruct the students to write what the pictures symbolize on the back of the poster board in the corresponding location of the image on the front. When all groups have finished their collages, have one group at a time come to the front of the classroom and present their collage to the class. These students then assume a teacher’s role as they elicit suggestions from the rest of the class as to what the pictures on their collage might represent. After all suggestions have been mentioned, the students in the group then reveal their own interpretations to the rest of the class. Teachers may assign roles to each student in the group (Ex. paster, cutter, recorder, collage holder, symbol indicator).
  1. Require a written response for the following suggested questions:
    • Name three symbols in this play. Explain what they symbolize.
    • Explain the setting and analyze how the characters are limited by their surroundings (time and place).
    Common symbols and what they symbolize are as follows:

    Well and good to be explaining the meaning of colours and psychology of same, but this seems to be sorely lacking in thoroughness. There is more to whether one likes blue yellow or red. What if ones favourite colour is Peacock blue but cant stand baby powder blue?? and what if one loathes mustard yellow but doesnt mind canary yellow? What if one loves deep burgandy red, but cant abide by orange fire engine red? What if one loves the colour purple, but cannot wear it, so they have their bed linen in it? This is way too basic leads to inconsistency. I think more accurate summary would be whether one likes Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter colours, ie the hues of the colours ie red is not necessarily only a hot colour a deep rose red is considered a winter colour, as with those with black hues added to the colours. Just thought let you know this doesnt even scratch the surface. So much more to it and Im no expert which is why you should consider completing this. Its sorely lacking and misleading if its meant to be informative

    Essay on color symbolism in the great gatsby

    essay on color symbolism in the great gatsby


    essay on color symbolism in the great gatsbyessay on color symbolism in the great gatsbyessay on color symbolism in the great gatsbyessay on color symbolism in the great gatsby