Essay word count include references

1. You have given a clear answer which is that you disagree with the statement – it’s clear – well done!
2. Your first body paragraph supports your opinion very well.
3. Your second body paragraph is also fine. However, your third body paragraph is confusing. It is under-developed and I’m not sure what point you want to make with it. Do you want to refute what others say? In that case, you should write more in this paragraph – or don’t use it at all.
4. There are a lot of grammar errors – articles (a/the etc), word order and general sentence structure. This will limit your score for grammar.

Reviews were generally positive and a respectable amount of volumes were sold, but it did not become a bestseller until an edition was published in England. By 1896 the novel had gone through nine editions and Crane himself realized he was no longer "a black sheep but a star." A reviewer in the New York Press wrote "one should be forever slow in charging an author with genius, but it must be confessed that The Red Badge of Courage is open to the suspicion of having greater power and originality that can be girdled by the name of talent." Joseph Conrad, the famous author of Heart of Darkness (1899), wrote that Crane had written "a spontaneous piece of work which seems to spurt and flow like a tapped stream from the depths of the writer's being." Some critics, including the writer Ambrose Bierce, attacked the novel for, among other things, being too imaginative, depicting soldiers poorly, and lacking in a coherent plot and grammatical/syntactical purity.

Essay word count include references

essay word count include references


essay word count include referencesessay word count include referencesessay word count include referencesessay word count include references