Experiment research paper

I am so thankful for your R&D for this project! I am getting ready todo the walls in the main bathroom. I was going to use the paint and tissue paper method, but since your brown paper method looks so much like old leather, I’m cconsidering it instead. The bathroom is already done in a western cowboy motif, and I think this finish on the walls would be perfect! However, there’s no fan or window in this small bathroom; how resistant is this to condensation? It’s just hubby and I, so we never close the door all the way, but there’s still some fogging on the mirror. The room is tiled halfway up each wall and the tub/shower surround is completely tiled. We’ll only be doing this finish on the upper half of three small walls. What modifications do you recommend to ensure this method holds up?

Experiment research paper

experiment research paper


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