Gcse media studies magazine coursework

You can find details of the box office of more recent movies at IMDb and Box Office Mojo . Print Magazines and newspapers measure their circulation (ie numbers of copies sold). They are open about these figures - they have to be as these are the numbers quoted to advertisers when negotiating the price of a page. Radio/TV Measuring the number of viewers and listeners for a TV/Radio programme or whole station's output is a complex business. Generally, an audience research agency (eg BARB) will select a sample of the population and monitor their viewing and listening habits over the space of 7 days. The data gained is then extrapolated to cover the whole population, based on the percentage sample. It is by no means an accurate science and you can find about some of the techniques used here . The numbers obtained are known as the viewing figures or ratings . Internet Internet sites measure the hit rate of a page or site. Code inserted into the site collects information on the number of visitors, whether they are visiting for the first time or returning, and how many other pages they visit within a site. This information is used to measure the success of a site or page, and to calculate the rates charged for advertising.

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Gcse media studies magazine coursework

gcse media studies magazine coursework


gcse media studies magazine courseworkgcse media studies magazine courseworkgcse media studies magazine courseworkgcse media studies magazine coursework