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Using 133 seismometers scattered around Old Faithful and the surrounding area, the researchers were able to record the tiny tremors caused by pressure build-up in the hydrothermal reservoir. Two weeks of gathering data helped them determine just how large the well is. The team found that the web of cracks and fissures beneath Old Faithful is roughly 650 feet in diameter and capable of holding more than 79 million gallons of water. When the geyser erupts, it releases just 8000 gallons. You can get an idea of how the reservoir fits into the surrounding geology from the diagram below.

About Lyle Mays:
Lyle Mays has been an integral part of the Pat Metheny Group since its inception in 1977, and has co-written much of the consistently engaging music for the multi-Grammy-winning group’s albums. Lyle’s sense of melody, crystal clear virtuosity and almost cinematic scope of orchestration has clearly distinguished the group’s into a musical family in Wausaukee, Wisconsin, in 1953, he was always encouraged to explore new forms of expression. As a teenager, Lyle attended jazz summer camps and studied with such talents as Rich Matteson and Marian McPartland. He then studied composition and arrangement at North Texas State University before touring with Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd. While appearing at the 1975 Wichita Jazz Festival, Lyle met twenty-year-old guitarist Pat Metheny, and the two formed a musical alliance that has proven to be among the most artistically successful of the past three-plus decades.

-- Everybody on the Tigers: Weren't the Tigers going to cut payroll? Or at least do something ? The only sound out of Motown this winter has been crickets. Detroit might be the only real competitor for Cleveland in the AL Central, or it might simply be the best of a mediocre bunch that will watch the Indians lap the field. If the Tigers falter early, GM Al Avila could become a popular guy. On the other hand, if Detroit looks like it can give Cleveland some trouble, then Avila could be on the spot to land a premium center fielder or bullpen help. Either way, it feels like the Tigers are headed into a crossroads season.

Intriguing ways to start an essay

intriguing ways to start an essay


intriguing ways to start an essayintriguing ways to start an essayintriguing ways to start an essayintriguing ways to start an essay