Mae jemison research paper

After leaving the astronaut corps in March 1993, Jemison established the Jemison Group, a company that seeks to research, develop, and market advanced technologies (scientific ways of achieving a practical purpose). She is also a professor at Dartmouth College, where she started the Jemison Institute for Advancing Technology in Developing Countries. Jemison also created The Earth We Share, a science camp for twelve-to sixteen-year-olds that helps improve students' problem-solving skills. She remains a popular Mae Jemison.
Courtesy of . National Aeronautics and Space Administration . public speaker, and in 2001 her autobiography, Find Where the Wind Goes: Moments from My Life, was published.

Wikipedia founder JIMMY WALES has  launched Wikitribune , an ad-free global news platform that aims to address the idea that “ the news is broken and we can fix it .” In a video that describes the goal of the game-changing site, Wales explains how the digitalization of journalism and reliance on advertisers has led to a rapid decrease in the quality of the news. Wikitribune will address these issues, pairing professional standards-based journalism with a team of dedicated community contributors and a crowdfunded business model, ensuring articles are fact-checked and un-biased, sources are transparent, and users have the ability to flag and contribute to the articles they read.  Instantly making headlines on virtually every major news site, from The BBC and CNBC to TIME and Fox , Wales’ new project will revolutionize the world just as Wikipedia—the world’s fifth most visited website—did 16 years ago. As citizens’ demand for reliable, fact-based journalism grows ever-louder amid increasingly uncertain and polarized political times, Jimmy Wales is at the forefront of innovation, addressing concerns and blazing a path forward that will reshape news media .

SPECIAL HONORS: National Achievement Scholarship (1973-1977); Stanford representative to Carifesta '76 in Jamaica; 1979 CIBA Award for Student Involvement; American Medical Student Association (AMSA) study group to Cuba; grant from International Travelers Institute for health studies in rural Kenya (1979); organized New York city-wide health and law fair for National Student Medical Association (1979); worked refugee camp in Thailand (1980). Recipient of Essence Award (1988), and Gamma Sigma Gamma Woman of the Year (1989). Honorary Doctorate of Sciences, Lincoln College, Pennsylvania (1991). Honorary Doctorate of Letters, Winston Salem College, North Carolina (1991). DuSable Museum Award (1992). The Mae C. Jemison Academy, an alternate public school established in 1992 in Detroit, Michigan. Montgomery Fellow 1993 Dartmouth College.

Mae jemison research paper

mae jemison research paper


mae jemison research papermae jemison research papermae jemison research papermae jemison research paper