Magazine ad essay

Although the back of the book is considered less important than the front, especially from the advertisers point of view, editors should not place only less interesting stuff here. This part should also be filled with good useful information.
Generally, advertising is cheaper in this part of the magazine and here you can find so called “classified” ads. Smaller ads, 1/4 of a page up to 1/16 of a page, are grouped together and placed on these pages.
Depending on the nature of the magazine, last page is reserved for columnist, short essay, short interview or some similar laid back content.

Unlike the antiheroes of eras past, modern man-boys simply refused to grow up, and did so proudly. Maybe nobody grows up anymore, but everyone gets older. What happens to the boy rebels when the dream of perpetual childhood fades and the traditional prerogatives of manhood are unavailable? There are two options: They become irrelevant or they turn into Louis C. K. (fig. 5). Every white American male under the age of 50 is some version of the character he plays on “Louie,” a show almost entirely devoted to the absurdity of being a pale, doughy heterosexual man with children in a post-patriarchal age. Or, if you prefer, a loser.

Magazine ad essay

magazine ad essay


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