Msc essay

All students will have opportunities to gain industrial and practical experiences. Teaching visits will be made to the Plant Health Inspectorate in Cornwall to see quarantine management of Phytophthora , and to a local LEAF farm to review the challenges and approaches to food production in integrated farm management systems. You will gain specialised experience in practical science or policy making through a dissertation or project placement with external agencies. Defra and Fera, for example, are offering five dissertation and/or project placements annually.

You are introduced to the multi-disciplinary nature of forensic psychology, and to the application of psychological knowledge to the criminal justice system. You discuss a range of theoretical approaches that have been used to explain crime, and gain an understanding of the principles of studying the justice process.

The module also introduces you to civil and criminal law. It includes discussion of the issues relating to jury selection and jury decision making, the nature of expert evidence, child witnesses, assessment and interventions with victims and witnesses, and the role of the psychologist as an expert witness.

The development of the new replica courtroom at the University offers an excellent opportunity for you to practise key professional skills such as presenting specialist court reports in an appropriate context and to undertake research related to this area.

Msc essay

msc essay


msc essaymsc essaymsc essaymsc essay