My future lifestyle essay

So… I'm not sure whether you exist. If you do, that's lovely. But if you don't, that's fine too. Of course, it does make this letter existentially problematic – I mean, who am I even writing to? – but I'm okay either way. Most of the time, anyway. I did long for you quite desperately yesterday, when the cat brought in a mouse and I was running around the house with a broom screaming. I'm capable and resilient and independent and all that, but god I wish you were here to deal with the rodents. I'll handle the insects and spiders and telemarketers and armed intruders. I think that's fair, don't you?

Oh cry me a river…..she continues to publicly shame the father of her child and has the nerve to talk about the lack of justice for mothers… have been getting kicked over by the system forever and will continue to be treated as second class citizens. Thank you judge for recognizing that men play just as big of a role as a parent than the mother. The baby is obviously in the better household. You’re in debt, you’re ethics are questionable, you’ve proven not to be a fit parent with your first born and now you’re looking like an opportunist with this interview (who your daughter will one day get to read). Chris is married (better household stability), doesn’t have financial problems and has proven he’s capable of being a good parent evident from his first born. The only reason he even took you to court is because you didn’t accept his generous offer of child support and instead dragged him to court to request an unreasonable amount. Greed.

My future lifestyle essay

my future lifestyle essay


my future lifestyle essaymy future lifestyle essaymy future lifestyle essaymy future lifestyle essay