Nursing application essay example

My name is Carson Hagood, and I am a 21-year-old nursing student from Lewisburg, Tennessee. I will be graduating from the University of North Alabama with my BSN in May of 2017 and hopefully go on to work in critical care before applying for a nurse anesthetist program in the next two or three years. I am so blessed and honored to receive this scholarship that will help me to reach my goal of becoming a nurse. Nurses are so important because they are the men and women who heal the body, mind, and spirit of their patients through hands of knowledge, love, and compassion. I am so excited to begin working in this career field, care for my future patients, and further the horizons of males in the profession. The future of nursing is bright, but I desire to make it shine even brighter!

Learn More AORN Foundation Scholarship The AORN Foundation Scholarship Program offers financial support to students enrolled in nursing schools and perioperative nurses pursuing bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees. With the critical nursing shortage and the cost of higher education, the AORN Foundation Board of Trustees knows it is of the utmost importance to fund scholarships for students pursuing careers in nursing and for nurses advancing their professional careers. Learn More Campus RN CampusRN has launched a new scholarship program in conjunction with the creation of the CampusRN state edition network. This nationwide scholarship features scholarship winners from six different regions across the country in which CampusRN has launched state edition sites. CampusRN will award six $2500 scholarships to a needy and deserving nursing student in each region. Learn More Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation The National Nursing Challenge Scholarship is a scholarship program based on nursing curriculum. The majority of the questions were written by nurses, faculty, and nursing students. Participants vie for scholarship money based on taking a series of short multiple choice quizzes at the CKSF website. The winner is determined through a combination of time and accuracy in answering the question. This program is available to college nursing students in the United States. Learn More Connecticut Nurses Foundation Scholarship Many nursing students/researchers have benefited from the Connecticut Nurses Foundation Scholarships. Applications are due by June 15th unless otherwise stated. Preference is given in awarding scholarships to Connecticut residents who will attend Connecticut schools or nursing and have a commitment to practicing nursing in Connecticut.
Learn More Connecticut Student Nurses' Association Scholarship The Connecticut Student Nurses' Association (CSNA) historically awards five $500 student scholarships per academic year. All Connecticut undergraduate nursing students who are members of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) are eligible and encouraged to apply. Selections will be based on the student's personal statement, advisor recommendation, and essay. Learn More Daughters of the American Revolution The Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is awarded to students who are in financial need and are accepted and enrolled into an accredited school of nursing. Deadline is Feb. 15 yearly. Learn More . Davis Nursing Scholarship Learn More This scholarship search website provides information on hundreds of nursing scholarships. Learn More

My role as a Support Worker on STW and the experience I have acquired from previous job roles has provided me with the opportunity to develop excellent interpersonal communication skills and enabled me to be confident and comfortable giving feedback to clients on a variety of issues. On a daily basis I communicate with clients, employers, colleagues and local govt. agencies such as the Job centre and SSA. In addition I have to review my clients monthly and deliver effective feedback on their performance in placement and after placement interviews. I feel that these skills are very transferable to the mentoring process and as a result I have felt very comfortable holding my mentoring sessions and delivering effective feedback to my mentees in order to help them achieve their goals.

Nursing application essay example

nursing application essay example


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