Osu dissertation

The (dark) art of upsampling
That being said, (lowers voice to a whisper) there is a very special technique for squeezing pixels into an image without losing too much quality, but one should only use it in the direst of deadline or Extreme Large Format Printing (., billboard) situations. The trick is to pop open the Image Size dialog, leave Resample Image checked and choose Bicubic Smoother from the pop-up menu to its right. Next, change the document dimension pop-ups to Percent and enter anywhere from 105-110%, then click OK. Do this as many times as necessary until you get the desired pixel dimensions. This will indeed add pixels to the image with surprisingly little quality loss, and at super large sizes, no noticeable quality loss at all. With such power comes the need for great restraint, however, so do resist the urge to increase more than 5-10% at a time.

. in Education Student Handbook
The . in Education program provides advanced preparation enabling candidates to assume leadership roles and focuses on research, pedagogy, diversity, technology, and agency. The Educational Technology option in particular educates scholars with a deep understanding and ability to create and apply knowledge of educational technology in scholarly communities interested in the advancement of education at the national and international levels.
See the Advisement Checklist (right click on document to print) for full details. You will send your advisor a copy of this completed and signed form immediately after admission. 
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Osu dissertation

osu dissertation


osu dissertationosu dissertationosu dissertationosu dissertation