Paintball essays

That game of paintball had quite an effect on me. I went into the game worried about how bad it was going to hurt if I were to get shot, and left the game not even remembering the pain. I never felt more powerful in my life. Even though it was a paintball gun it still had power. I realize I have never been to war, but firing that gun put me in the middle of a battlefield. I had shot someone and removed him from the battle. It was almost like I really killed him. When I shot that person behind the tree I felt like a hero, defending a cause. I thought I was invincible until my opponent brought me back down to reality. When I got shot in the back it was the worst feeling. My heart dropped and I was disgraced. It was not the pain; it was the fact that I was not in the battle anymore. My life in the game had ended. When I was walking off the field I realized how lucky I was that this experience was not real. After I shot someone I thought that this game was easy, until I realized how frightening an actual battle in a war would be. I gained a newfound respect for the people that do fight in "real" battles. The paintball game gradually took me in and out of reality, creating one of the best experiences of my life.

There are even professional female paintball teams, which proves paintball can be played by anyone. ... There are also many manufacturers in paintball, like the more popular ones: JT Paintball, Zap, Worr Games Products, Tippmann Pneumatics Inc., and WDP Paintball Products... Safety is the most important factor in paintball... Another thing paintball field owners are very strict on, is the velocity that a paintball marker is running at... As for the physical factor in paintball, I've heard people even say that they don't believe paintball would be hard to play...

Paintball essays

paintball essays


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