Power amplifier design thesis

The power transformer (as well as output tube and bias current) you choose will have a direct bearing on the power output of your amplifier. Roughly speaking (with all other things equal), the maximum power output in a tube amplifier correlates to the raw high voltage DC power supply voltage. So, for example, if you increase the power transformer high voltage secondary from 400VDC to 500VDC, the maximum output power will increase by about 500/400 squared, which is times! Furthermore, if you increase the output tube bias current you get an approximately proportional increase in power output there, as well. With the original power transformer, the highest bias current that I could recommend would be 55mA, to avoid damaging the transformer, but with a new specially-designed power transformer, well…

Power amplifier design thesis

power amplifier design thesis


power amplifier design thesispower amplifier design thesispower amplifier design thesispower amplifier design thesis