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The literary atmosphere in Chicago during the period was nurtured by several key institutions. At the Hall branch library’s “Book Review and the Lecture Forum” created by librarian Vivian G. Harsh to highlight the Special Negro Collection she was promoting. Writers could meet and share their literary creations with everyday citizens. The South Side Writer’s Project, variously by Richard Wright and Margaret Walker, provided another literary crucible for the emergence for African American literature in Chicago. The Writer’s group included Frank Marshall Davis, Ted Ward, Fern Gayden and other young black writers.

The days of European colonialism are over. “White” people are a shrinking minority in an ever more interconnected world that is increasingly uplifting the people “whites” previously colonized with their exploitative racial caste system. Most of us “white” people, along with most of humanity, want to move on figuring out how to live together peaceably side by side with the rest of humanity. A few “white” people want to reclaim myths of lost greatness. I suspect Gilley is one of them. All I have to say to these “white” people is: the “white race” can’t afford you any more.

On the opposite side of the coin there are the nonscarce goods. These goods don’t need to be valueless and some can even be indispensable for one’s existence. As Frank Fetter explains in his Economic Principles: “Some things, even such as are indispensable to existence, may yet, because of their abundance, fail to be objects of desire and of choice. Such things are called free goods. They have no value in the sense in which the economist uses that term. Free goods are things which exist in superfluity; that is, in quantities sufficient not only to gratify but also to satisfy all the desires which may depend on them.” As compared with the scarce goods, nonscarce goods are the ones where there can be no contest over its ownership. The fact that someone is using something doesn’t unable anyone else to use it. For a good to be considered nonscarce it can either have an infinite existence, no sense of possession or it can be infinitely replicated. [3] However, a different stream of thinking with regard to scarcity states that there is no good that is truly non-scarce. Although some goods and materials appear completely abundant, ensuring quality standards of these goods creates costs to society. A prominent example can be the costs to reduce air pollution. Stating that non-scarce goods don't exist also follows the maxim "there's no such thing as a free lunch", one of the core theories in capitalist economic theory.

Robbins lionel essay

robbins lionel essay


robbins lionel essayrobbins lionel essayrobbins lionel essayrobbins lionel essay