Sample dissertation on marketing strategies

This study aimed to explore the corporate governance mechanisms and the orientation of corporate governance in Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) of South Africa. The core objectives of this study were to analyse the shareholder-stakeholder debate and its relationship with corporate governance in South African companies, understand the factors within shareholders and stakeholder interests that obstruct effective corporate governance and to assess whether these companies are effectively taking into account both the shareholders and stakeholders interests.

As an alternative, a number of medical facilities decided to create computer-generated summaries. Some adopt standardized formats which were believed to suffice for the absence of an intricate IT system. Those who opted for this alternative thought that this intervention could facilitate for a more apt transfer of relevant information about the patient to primary care physicians. In addition, it is also perceived that the discharge summaries are equally available during follow-up check-ups like the one provided by an IT system (Kripalani, et al., 2007b). Nevertheless, these alternatives pose no answer to the issue that addresses test results which comes after hospital discharge (Roy et al., 2005).

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Sample dissertation on marketing strategies

sample dissertation on marketing strategies


sample dissertation on marketing strategiessample dissertation on marketing strategiessample dissertation on marketing strategiessample dissertation on marketing strategies