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Another way of dealing with air conditioning in a humid, hot climate is the “fireplace” as I devised it for a house in tropical Acapulco, Mexico. In this “fireplace” the air came down the flue instead of going out, and the hearth was a pool of cool water as artificial rain poured down the chimney and the pool was cooled by one of the devices designed for air conditioning. You could sit around the “fireplace” and be especially cool but the rooms were each cooled. The chimney now did not stick up much above the roof—it was just rounded up to keep the water from running in—just a low little exuberance on the roof.

The competition hosted 28 champion teams from around the state in a head to head 3 position competition.  The teams consist of four persons firing .177 caliber compressed air rifles at two inch Olympic targets on a ten meter range.  The cadets shoot ten targets in three positions under timed limits.  The positions are prone (lying flat), standing, and kneeling. Each target carries a value of ten points with the bull’s-eye slightly larger than a pin point.  The teams strive to achieve a total of 1200 possible points.  Summerlin’s winning cumulative score was 1052/1200. Competition was extremely close between the top five teams with Summerlin taking top honors by one point!!

Wright my assignment

wright my assignment


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