Write autobiographical essay cda

You know, I don't know! I just keep thinking this is the book I should have written when I was 25. That's when people write their autobiographical first novel. I mean, my first novel was about a home for unwed mothers — I had never been in a home for unwed mothers — because I wanted to prove I had this great imagination. But the wonderful thing about publishing this book at 52 is that I know that I am capable of working from a place of deep imagination. Now I just feel like I own every part of myself and my life and my imagination and the rocky terrain of my own brain, and that feels really good.

intelligent, curious, witty, poetic,
firstborn son of Richard Sr. and Dixie,
likes comic books, green Kool-Aid, and The Monkees,
feels happy almost all of the time,
afraid of growing old and dying alone in the dark,
would like to see daybreak from Saturn--

rushed, fun-loving, laid back, intelligent,
firstborn son of Barbara,
likes reading, surfing the net, and old movies,
feels under pressure right now,
afraid of not being a good enough teacher,
would like to see his book get published--

Write autobiographical essay cda

write autobiographical essay cda


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