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When I was in the first grade, I read every book I could get my hands on, even books made for fifth-graders and up. I suppose I owe most of my vocabulary to that. If I came across a word I didn’t know, I would look it up in the dictionary, and I’d read the definition, then I’d go to the thesaurus and look at the synonyms for that word. Say the word I didn’t understand was “brave”. I’d look up “brave” in the dictionary, and read the definition, then I’d put it into my own words. Then I’d go to the thesaurus and find “brave”. I’d read the synonyms, and then I could say “If I run into “courageous”, I know it means “brave”. I know two words now, brave and courageous. I can use courageous to replace brave if I need to.” Then I’d replace common words like “said” or “happy” with “replied” and “joyful”, or “snapped” and “exalted”.
As for sentence structure, I’d suggest using synonyms or “sentence spicers” to add a bit of zing to your sentences. I’d also suggest varying sentence length.

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·  Consider the question to ensure that your response addresses the focus of "discovery" that is required.
·  Show your deep understanding of the concept of discovery by connecting relevant ideas from your prescribed and related texts.
·  Choose related texts that strengthen your argument by comparing or contrasting them with your prescribed text and provide sufficient insight into the concept of "discovery" to sustain a detailed response.
·  Use well-chosen and detailed textual references to support your argument.
·  Make clear and purposeful links to the questions throughout your response.
·  If the question specifies that you use only one of your own texts, don't use more than one. 

Writing help hsc

writing help hsc


writing help hscwriting help hscwriting help hscwriting help hsc